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Receive 29 guided meditation practices for each day of the luna cycle.

May 11th - June 9th

Each meditation is between 6-16 minutes and are designed to support a deeper connection to the cycle of the moon and the personal cycles of our body and life journey.


A link to the daily meditation will be emailed to you to listen when best works for you. It is recommended to listen to the meditation first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Let each meditation help to align your day and night time with positive intention and a greater awareness of the subtle shifts that happen in nature through each cycle.


You will continue to have access to the meditations beyond the opening series as a tool to support your growth and well being.

I will be available for questions or any experiences you would like to share during the series through email.


These meditations are based on the
Attune to the Moon Inspiration Deck. I will be placing another print order of these cards for any one wishing to also work with the deck.

Attune to the Moon Card Deck $44 including shipping

Attune to the Moon 29 day meditation series

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