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Ten Years to Now is a band that's been a decade in the making, and it's been worth the wait. Comprised of brothers Galloway and Nolan, this punk rock duo has crafted a sound that pays homage to the genre's roots while pushing it in new directions.

With deep, introspective lyrics and a healthy dose of acoustic melodies, Ten Years to Now's music is both thought-provoking and catchy. Their old-school punk anthems are infused with a modern sensibility, resulting in a sound that's both familiar and fresh.

But the real magic of Ten Years to Now lies in the bond between Galloway and Nolan. As brothers, they have a unique chemistry that comes through in their music, and the fact that they've been working on this project together for a decade only adds to the depth of their artistry.

Now, with their debut album finally out, Ten Years to Now is already hard at work on their next project. If their first offering is any indication, we can expect great things from this band in the years to come. They're a band that's not content to rest on their laurels and will continue to evolve and push the boundaries of punk rock.

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