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The Juicy Blossom Women's Retreat (24 × 18 in) (1).png

A fresh, nourishing and juicy retreat in nature exploring potent practices for women's health, creativity, vitality and sexual sovereignty.

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The weekend includes:

  • A personal goddess photoshoot.

  • The opportunity to co-create an Oracle Deck and receive your own printed copy.

  • Crafting of your own erotic toys and art.

  • Learning a dance seduction routine.

  • Practicing Yoni Yoga, Breath of the Tigress, Goddess Transfiguration Ritual.

  • Cacao ceremony.

  • Cacao Butter massage.

  • Erotic Blueprints.

  • The neuroscience of arousal.

  • Ecstatic Dance in the wild.

  •  2 nights camping in a beautiful private sanctuary in nature.


Facilitated by Zoii Topia, Lena Parnell and Sophia Ocean.

Retreat Schedule

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Lena Parnell

Lena is a marvel of artistic expression. She is a journeyman welder, Operations/Project manager, 3 place fitness model, Producer of Femmes Read Naked, erotic performance artist, metal garbage artist, and a rad human extraordinaire.



Mother of 2 teenagers

Neurolinguistics Practitioner

Ethical Dominatrix

Producer of the Dark Night Experience

Human Empowerment Liberator 


20 yr career in leadership and management with large scale manufacturing teams in the corporate arena. 

Her belief that humans are unlimited in potential has led her into the field of neurology, psychology and human behavior studies. 

Her fascination with sacred sexuality has been a lifelong journey of personal study. Stepping into the world of Dominatrix she uncovered how to unashamed herself and step into her power of harnessing the spirituality in her sexuality. 

Her curiosity with human senses birthed a multi-sensory experience titled the Dark Night. She hosts brave explorers through a blindfolded experience to awaken the 5 animal senses. The experience is educational and provides a safe space to explore your aroused state. 

On the horizon 

Lena is exploring consent culture. Learning that we are educated on permission culture.  She is discovering the world of  the “ Wheel of Consent” which exposes the truth about consent. She is unpacking a  practice and model for exploring who is” really” giving and who is “really” receiving. 


Zoii Topia


Zoii Topia is a treasure gem of awesome living as a steward of land on  Treaty 6 Territory, in Canada. 

As an intuitive edge-worker, trauma informed somatic healer, possibility manager, communication specialist, and transformation coach, you can find Zoii inspiring insight and creating beauty wherever she travels. 

She is a successful entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, oracle reader, Dance As Medicine Facilitator, and a maverick mother! In addition, Zoii also specializes in poly and alternate sex lifestyles, body acceptance, and is a certified pleasure practitioner. 

Her last name is what she truly desires her clients to experience:


Transformation, Opening, Possibilities, Insight, Abundance




Intuitive Edge Worker & Coach

Dance As Medicine Facilitator

Artistic Director/Production/Performer Goddessa Entertainment

Pleasure Practitioner


20 yr career in Dance and is an award winning choreographer.  Having coached hundreds of dancers for the past 20 years to award winning 🏆 and international success, her repertoire of holding space for  "recognizing and meeting the champion within" is sacred work for her soul.  


Her work as a Pleasure Practitioner invoked a passionate exploration into  Courtesan and Goddess studies.  She has personally worked with hundreds of humans to awaken their inner fire and bask in the radiance of their holy water using fully consensual techniques and safe space dialogue to honor sexual soverignty and liberation.  She is currently working on a Playshop titled PLEASURE, which will be available as an offering next Spring!

On the horizon 

Zoii is deeply passionate about Truth And Reconciliation processes with Indigenous folks as a way to honor ancient wisdom and traditional practices (including Shamanic medicinals).  Her goal is to create a production titled “BRIDGE” with the hopes of using her privilege to give voice to Indigenous matters.


Sophia Ocean

Sophia Ocean is a certified Holistic Health Coach,  facilitating somatic healing arts internationally.


 Sophia has focused for many years on effective techniques for aligning conscious intentions with subconscious repatterining for healing trauma and liberating our ability to truly thrive. Sophia, has a potent approach to cultivating optimal health and vitality and inspiring on-going, deeply embodied self-care. Creating safe spaces for women to nurture a connection to their delicious aliveness continues to be a passion for Sophia as it allows for such a powerful experience of rejuvenation and renewal.



The Healing arts that Sophia incorporates in her approach to Holistic Health include; Yoga, Acupressure Massage, Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Tantra, Qi Gong, Jade Egg Practices, Cacao Ceremony, Herbology, Nutritional Guidance,  Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Vocal  and singing Practices, Reiki, Guided Meditation, Aromatherapy, EFT and Breath work.


She offers personal coaching and ceremonies, courses and retreats that support profound transformation and 'resilience wholeness'.

Juicy Blossom Menu Saturday Breakfast Berry Smootie bowl with coconut granola Lunch Zucchi

We are offering an optional succulent meal plan for the retreat which includes six meals for $80.
To sign up please email and let us know if you have any special food requirements.  

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