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Jessica Laporte

Intuitive Natural Movement

In this 90-minute workshop we will explore different movement patterns, ranges of motion, breath awareness, and creative expression. We will step outside of the box and move the entire body in interesting, intuitive, and mindful ways, and will learn about our capabilities, strengths, and limitations along the way with compassion and curiosity. All you need is a yoga mat and an open mind and the willingness to try things you may not have tried before - challenging perceived limitations and exploring your body newly. Come play!   

Jessica has taught exercise clinically for years, has taught yoga across the country for the past decade, and has been practicing acrobatics for the past 5 years. The evolution of Jessica's movement practice and what she teaches is now inclusive of the culmination of her many years of movement exploration through the modalities of dance, yoga, partner acrobatics, calisthenics, strength training, and elite team sport. Her classes are unlike any you've experienced - come play and learn about your body! 


Hope Corbin

Ekstasis Dance

Explore conscious movement as a vehicle to release stress, emotional or mental tension, stagnant energy, whatever is no longer serving you…. And to connect you to your inner truth, energetic vibrancy, and highest potential.

Use the tools of intuitive instinctual movement, breath work, and creative expression to reclaim the fullness of who you are.
Have fun and meet new friends while grooving to conscious funky bassy world-music infused dance beats.


Hope has been dancing ever since she can remember and it is what connects her to her essential self.

She is a practitioner of the 5 Rhythms™ and certified in Kundalini Dance™. She is also the mother of a very energetic  and expressive 3 year old, a conscious dance DJ, a yoga instructor, a devoted wife, a community builder, and resident DJ of Dance Temple Edmonton.

In 2012 she created her own Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training and in 2019 I renamed it the Dance as Medicine Facilitator Training. She is launching her online Conscious Dance study group - Ekstasis Online - this fall.


Sound Healing

Sound healing offers a sonic space to relax, receive and re-balance on a vibrational level.


Sebastien Bolessa is a musician, avid explorer of body movement, Yoga instructor and former martial artist. Accompanying dancers, workshop participants, Yoga practitioners, hospital patients, and more, he seeks to create living soundtracks for our journeys. Significantly influenced by the breadth of the worlds' folk music and the purpose of film scoring, he has spent several years developing his musical ability to create entire soundscapes on the spot. Sebastien's live looping draws from the sounds of the Viola, his voice, the Didgeridoo, Taiko drum, Djembe drum, and more.

You can find Sebastien working sound at such events as those put on by WUB Gathering, and Ananda Tribe events with Andrew Misle. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram as Sebastien Bolessa. 


Jaide Izon

Spirit of The Crystal and Journey into the Heart Meditation

Delve into the history, ancient beliefs, practices and uses of Crystals. Together we will explore the individual frequencies and proper care for different types of gems & crystals to respectfully connect and use these beautiful age old spirits to amplify our daily life. Following this Jaide will offer a guided visualization journey into the heart, where we will take a walk through the depths inside Anahata to offer ourselves the opportunity to explore, expand and deepen our capacity for love, compassion & forgiveness through the medicine of meditation. 

Combining her love of the body-mind connection with holistic health, neuropathy and esoteric practices, Jaide is a multifaceted facilitator & NHPC member specializing in Meditation, Chakra Healing, Reflexology, Crystal Care, Workshops & Public Speaking. Jaide is a forever student who deeply enjoys the opportunity to create, share & connect.


Dolphin Kasper

Transformative Communication

Would you like to rediscover what it takes to have the most authentic and fruitful relationships possible?  Want to transform your whole life through a new way of being and expressing your truth?

If so, Transformative Communication is what you’re looking for.


Transformative Communication is more than a model for healthy, vibrant relationships. It is a fundamental shift of orientation and a new way of relating and expressing ourselves that makes room for everything arising in the present moment and makes everything that is truly possible for us accessible. Starting with an inclusive quality of presence and relaxing our hold on personal agenda, a powerful new world of perspective and capacity opens up to us.  


Starting with simple, playful practices and informed by profound principles, you are guided back to an honest and authentic way of being with, interpreting and relaying what matters most to you to the people that matter most to you. 


Dolphin Kasper is a Canadian Born Author, Communicator and Human Potential Enthusiast. He has been speaking and facilitating workshops relating to personal empowerment, peak performance and transformative communication for over 20 years. During this time, he has delivered over 2000 individual presentations or workshops on topics ranging from motivational speaking and professional coaching to healing and inspiring the very heart of the human possibility. 


“Mycological Adventures of questionable morels” A talk on Mystical and Medicinal Mushrooms of Alberta’s Boreal forests with the Mushroom Jedi.



An Explorative foray into the Myco-verse, take a look at some of Alberta’s medicinal mushrooms, what goes into preparing them to be consumable and tasting a number of varieties made into tinctures known for improving immune health.
Simon has been fascinated by mushrooms since early childhood, he’s sees them as a special form of artistic expression by nature.


Join him on a talk of navigating the audiences questions about mushrooms, as well as, his 30+ year path of admiring these often overlooked gems of the forest .
Interact with a large variety of dried specimens collected from forests around Alberta, and learn about some of the common and scientific names, as well as, tips on identifying mushrooms.
Peek into the psychonautical side of mushrooms and the expansion of consciousness through the many languages of the Gaian mind. Consider the possible neurotropic benefits of microdosing and myelination with the use of psilocybin and lions mane type mushrooms.


Let the Dark Side of Nature tempt your curiosity. May the Forest be with you.


Michael Ortiz

The FlowBot / "Dance Tool-Kit"

Hello, Michael Ortiz here, also known as The FlowBot. In this workshop I will be sharing essential dance movements, methods and concepts that I have learned, collected and created throughout the years. This class will focus on a particular sequence of moves, breaking them down step by step to give you a fundamental foundation of movement. Think of this tool-kit as an ever growing and infinite kit of possibilities that you can pull from for any musical situation.

This class will include themes such as: -Body Awareness -Mind over Motion (using your head) -Foot work foundations (basic movement with feet) -Manual Dexterity/Complexity (what can we do with our hands!?) -"What the heck do I do with my Arms!?" -Dance floor utilization (yes.. you are free to move around!) -Fancy Footwork (including shuffles and glides) -and More!

Michael Ortiz (aka. The FlowBot) is an Edmonton local originating from the Philippines. With more than 30 years of experience in movement ranging from various martial arts and dance styles combined with his artistic imagination, he has created his own unique style as an entertainer. Bringing his own flavor to any event as The FlowBot.


Matt Welke and Tai-Monique

Follow Your Highest Joy Workshop

Join Tai-Monique and Matt Welke as we embark together on an intimate and interactive journey on how to find your highest joy and awaken to your true authentic self.


We will share practical tips, tools and techniques on the following: 

  • Align with your Higher-Self

  • How to create more synchronicities

  • Live consciously in the flow and joy state

  • Follow the path of least resistance

  • Break through self-limiting beliefs.


Bring water, a journal, yoga mat and or blanket 


Sacred Awakenings began as a vision by Matt Welke and Tai-Monique to help create a world full of love, peace and unity. We are passionate about living life in a joyous, heart-filled way and believe that when you follow your highest joy and express your true authentic self, as a consciousness we will raise the vibration of the planet.


Matt Welke is an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and educator. While traveling through India he suddenly found himself in a life-crisis where he was then introduced to Reiki. He experienced deep profound healing within himself and the trajectory of his life was altered. Practicing Reiki led to great success with his friends and family and he quickly developed a passion to share this phenomenal gift with others. Through teaching, he discovered his innate gift to empower people on how to change their lives by aligning to their higher selves. His passion for music led into a decade long DJ career which extended into him hosting weekly sound healing events to help you tap into the deepest harmonics of your consciousness.


Tai-Monique is an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and educator, an Intuitive Energy Healer, Numerologist, Mystery School Priestess, and Zen Trilotherapy Life Coach. As the Creatress of Limitless Lifestyle Expert, she specializes in vegan skincare, beauty, holistic health and wellness ensuring you will flourish in your ultimate vibrancy. 


As the #1 bestselling co-author of "I Am A Brilliant Woman" vol.3, an inspiring speaker and international entrepreneur, Tai-Monique is passionate about service and leadership in supporting women to reclaim their sacred sovereignty and divine feminine wisdom. Her vision is to teach others how to fulfill their highest potential and live a spirit-rich life filled with extraordinary choice, authenticity, creativity, love and freedom whilst leaving a legacy. 



Thomas Carroll

Cha Dao The Way of Tea - Tea Ceremony in Sereni-tea Temple

Cha Dao The Way of Tea - Tea Ceremony with host Thomas Carroll. Slow down, open to your senses, receive with your heart, explore the Qi of living tea in a mindful practice. After experiencing tea ceremony you will have the opportunity to give a donation, so others can experience tea ceremony.


Jordan Wilkie

Drala Tai Chi

Drala Tai Chi is about coming into the moment and embracing the interconnected perfection between mind, body, breathe and spirit to raise your vital energy.


The Drala Tai Chi movement is an ancient Taoist practice Jordan first learned from his Wing Chun Kung Fu Sifu. This movement is integrated with breathing, music and mindfulness to tap into the layers of energy that we all have the power to access.


Wear something comfortable, come as you are and join Jordan Wilkie as he teaches this lighthearted class/workshop.


Jana Lang

Kahi Loa - Hawaiian healing bodywork (cohort partners only)

Jana began her journey into the field of bodywork with the inspiration of her mother, who taught her how to care deeply about the Earth, our bodies, and the preciousness of life. Jana is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki master, registered Massage Therapist, Ecstatic Dance facilitator and Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork practitioner. She is currently practicing in Edmonton at Ener-Qi Massage Therapy. 


Jana was blessed with the good fortune of meeting Lomi Lomi Massage teachers Wayne Kealohi Powel and Hope Hokulani Starr with the School of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork.


Kahi Loa Workshop

Also known as the "light touch" Lomi, Kahi Loa incorporates elemental visioning and intuitive earth based imagery with Hawaiian light touch techniques to redesign mental emotional or spiritual blocks into new, affirming neuropathways.  By shifting internal representations and anchoring the imagery experience through the body with touch, Kahi Loa is a practice for expanding conscious awareness, rewriting limiting beliefs, and renewing our internal connection to Nature as guide to healing. 

In Jana's philosophy each person's personal wellness is an ever unfolding and changing process. She delights in facilitating a heart centered, joyous approach to life through engaged bodywork and energywork that inspires.


Bring your loved one from your cohort as a partner to this workshop for a taste of Kahi Loa.  Breathe in, come get inspired. 

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a water bottle or journal if you feel called. 

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