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Workshops with Cedar Roots

Somatic Song Circle


Our voice is an ancient technology, evolved as a tool of intention. The wisdom in your voice knows how to sing a message of free expression, open heartedness and radiance. Unifying our voices supports our health and symbiotic relationship to life. 


Join Cedar Roots for a Somatic Song weaving experience, starting with a gentle vocal embodiment practice and followed by a fun and uplifting song circle.


Vocal Embodiment is a somatic approach to connecting to the power of the voice as a tool for personal sound healing. The practice of vocal embodiment includes restorative movements and exercises, breath work, toning, mantra, song and self inquiry.


From here we expand the field of harmonic resonance with a heart opening song circle. With easy to learn, uplifting call and response songs we can build the collective energy of the group and cultivate a unique experience of vitality, creativity and liberated self-expression.


Many of us hold shame around the idea of sharing our voice and so shy away from exploring its potential.  If we stay blocked to the vulnerability of the voice we also stay blocked to the profound sense of joy and liberation our voice can create. Understanding the primal roots of the voice can help to awaken a more grounded and empowered relationship to life. 



Sourcing Spanda - The Somatic Wave


Spanda, is a Sanskrit word meaning “divine vibration”, or pulse. This term is used to describe how consciousness, at the subtlest level, moves in waves of contraction and expansion. 


The Somatic Wave is a guided embodiment journey that starts with connecting to the ‘spanda’ of the breath and how we can cultivate this purifying expansion and contraction into blissful Qi Gong energy movement, building into a gentle yoga flow to explore the depth of our somatic reach, focused and refined through Hula inspired dance gestures and integrated through a collective sound healing song practice. 


The journey is supported by a world beats Dj set from Velvet Wild into a spacious live music savasana from Cedar Roots.


Cedar Roots Bio

At the heart of Cedar Roots' music lies a deep commitment to creating conscious and mindful music that speaks to the soul. Each of their compositions is crafted with intention and purpose, inviting listeners to explore their inner selves and the world around them in a unique and powerful way. Cedar Roots blends a diverse range of influences, from the raw and earthy sounds of acoustic and folk music, to the cutting-edge beats of electronic and world music.

As song circle facilitators they love to create welcoming spaces that invite people to celebrate the beauty of finding harmony through the voice.


Sophia is a musician, Dj and international facilitator of Holistic Health Practices that focus on a somatic approach to restoring resilient vitality. Her diverse training includes Yoga, Dance, Music & Sound Healing, Tantra, Acupressure, Breath Work, Thai and Lomi Lomi Massage, Herbology, Reiki, Permaculture, Shamanic teachings, Hypnotherapy, Qi Gong and Vocal Embodiment. She offers retreats, workshops, ceremonies and personal coaching.


Galloway is an event and music producer/DJ.  He is co-founder of Vibes Music Festival, facilitating events that inspire and build community connection.  Galloway sees music as medicine, with the power to uplift, shift, and return us to our original state as blissful beings.  He and Sophia offer transformational events and retreats and tour with their musical collaboration, Cedar Roots.

Yoga Glow - 20 mins

Yoga Glow - 20 mins

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