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Vibes Festival Workshops




  • 11AM- Yoga ~ Jessica Laporte (Main Stage)

  • 2PM- Opening Ceremony (Mainstage)

  • 3PM- Living Tea Talk ~ Thomas Carrol (Kindred Garden)

  • 4PM- Vibes Ecstatic Dance ~ Sophia Ocean & Galloway Hiatt (Mainstage)

  • 4PM- Spirit of the Crystal ~ Jaide Izon (Kindred Garden)

  • 5PM- Groove Machine with The FlowBot (Kindred Garden)

  • 6PM- Nourish to Glow Yoga with Kat McLean (Kindred Garden)



  • 11AM- Elemental Soul Journey ~ Nina Infinity (Mainstage)

  • 12PM- Yoga ~ Jessica Laporte (Mainstage)

  • 12PM- May the Spores be with You ~ Simon Metke (Kindred Garden)

  • 1PM- Ekstasis Dance ~ Hope Corbin (Mainstage)

  • 1PM- Transforming Relationships ~ Dolphin Kasper (Kindred Garden)

  • 2PM- Fan Folding Fundamentals- Daniel Musashi (Kindred Garden)

  • 3PM- Reiki and Me ~ Sacred Awakenings (Kindred Garden)

  • 4PM- Hula Hoop Play ~ Ohmega (Kindred Garden)

  • 5PM- Re:Villaging Motherhood ~ Hope Corbin (Kindred Garden)



  • 10AM- Journey Into Wholeness Meditation ~ Jaide Izon (Mainstage)

  • 11AM- Yoga with Jessica Laporte (Mainstage)

  • 2PM- 4PM- Cheshire Chats & YOU (Mainstage)

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