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Welcome to Vibestown Festival

Vibestown Festival - An Immersive Music and Arts Experience

Welcome to Vibestown, an immersive music festival experience offering a playful convergence of music, workshops, theme camps, and local artistry set against the enchanting backdrop of aspen and birch forests. In Vibestown, everyone is a participant, contributing to the collective energy that propels us forward. This is a community culture where acts of kindness, creativity, and shared passions create an environment of abundance and joy.

Vibestown Festival: A Community of Playful Creativity

Vibestown is a vibrant hub of creativity and shared passions. For a special weekend, The Vibestown Ranch becomes a dynamic canvas where theme camps, interactive workshops, eclectic DJs, and live music performances converge. A place where you're invited to express yourself, share your passions, and immerse in art and community spirit.

Music and Arts: The Heartbeat of Vibestown

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic pulse of Vibestown with diverse musical acts and artistic expressions. Explore various stages and art installations that celebrate local creativity. 

Workshops and Interactive Experiences

Vibestown is a playground for the mind and soul. Participate in workshops ranging from healing modalities to artistic explorations. 

Location, Date, and Venue

Set amidst the natural beauty of Yellowhead County, near Edson, Alberta, Vibestown Festival offers a scenic and serene setting for this unique gathering. 

Community and Safety

Our festival is a safe haven where respect and care for each other are paramount. With dedicated security and first aid teams, we ensure a secure and enjoyable environment for all.

Contribution and Participation

Vibestown is a place to share your energy and creativity. Contribute by creating theme camps, joining workshops, dancing to the music, volunteering, or simply by being a part of this vibrant community.

Environmental Commitment

Aligned with our Leave No Trace policy, we encourage responsible waste management and environmental stewardship, preserving the natural beauty of our festival site.

Join Us in Vibestown

Embrace this unique opportunity to connect, create, and celebrate in a space where every moment is a shared adventure. 

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