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The Magic of Theme Camp Participation

Howdy, wanderer! You've just moseyed into a place unlike any other, a frontier of creativity and camaraderie - welcome to Vibestown! 

Our festival is like a campfire where folks from all walks of life gather 'round to share tales, tunes, and a bit of themselves. We're creating a space where you can kick off your boots, be yourself, and let your creative spirit run free.

Welcome to the heart of our communal canvas - the Vibestown Theme Camps. Drawing inspiration from the ethos of Burning Man, we invite you to be architects of your own creative spaces that embody the spirit of Radical Inclusion, Gifting, and Communal Effort.

Imagine a place where your camp is a living, breathing artwork. Here, each campsite transforms into a realm of possibility; a playground for your imagination. Whether it’s a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party brought to life,  The Pirates of Perogies, or a Cosmic Craft Station, your theme camp is your gift to the community, a space that welcomes all.

Imagine hosting interactive activities, be it a game that ignites laughter or a craft station that fosters collaboration. Envision a mocktail party under the stars or a morning coffee gathering that brings together strangers as friends.

Participation and Immediacy are the heartbeats of our community. In Vibestown, every individual is an integral part of our shared experience. We believe in the transformative power of sharing, of being present, and of contributing to the collective joy and wonder of the gathering.

If you would like to have your theme camp offering added to the Vibestown Schedule so we can let all the good folks of Vibestown know about it, please fill out the theme camp application form here:

Vibestown Theme Camp Application

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