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Vibestown Festival FAQ

Your FAQs, Our Answers

Welcome to Vibestown's FAQ page, your go-to resource for unlocking the magic of our immersive festival. We understand that attending Vibestown is a unique and exciting experience, and you might have questions along the way. In this curated collection of frequently asked questions, we aim to provide you with insights, guidance, and a glimpse into the vibrant culture that defines Vibestown.

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Vibestown Festival

What is Vibestown?

A: For a special weekend, Vibestown transforms into a vibrant hub of creativity and shared passions. It's a unique space where theme camps, workshops,  DJs, and live music performances converge to create an unforgettable experience. Here, you're invited to explore and embrace various forms of creativity, share your passions, and immerse yourself in art and community spirit. Whether you're participating in interactive workshops, dancing to the rhythm of live or electronic music, or expressing yourself at a theme camp, Vibestown is a place where art and connection flourish. Join us to celebrate this magical blend of creativity and community!


Q: Why is Vibestown an 18+ event?

A: Vibestown is an inclusive adult experience, crafted to provide a space where adults can rediscover the joy of 'play'. Vibestown offers an environment where adults can freely explore, connect, and express themselves creatively, while maintaining responsibility and respect. This approach ensures that our festival offers a space to unwind from everyday life and where the inner child in every attendee can come alive in a safe and supportive environment.


Q: Is Vibestown a for-profit event?

A: No, Vibestown is not a for-profit event. It is driven by the love and passion of its artists and organizers. The festival is sustained through ticket sales which help cover operational costs. Our primary goal is to share our passions and create a memorable, community-focused experience.


Q: What kind of workshops are offered at Vibestown?

A: Vibestown offers a diverse range of workshops that cater to various interests and promote personal growth. Participants can engage in revitalizing yoga classes, breath work, and meditation sessions to enhance their well-being. Artistic workshops, such as songwriting, spoken word, and the Art of Poi, allow for creative expression and exploration. Additionally, unique and thought-provoking sessions on herbology, rhythm, and other healing modalities provide opportunities for education and self-discovery. These workshops are designed to inspire, educate, and foster a strong sense of community. 

Q:Where do I stay at Vibestown?

A: Camping at Vibestown is onsite, providing a convenient and immersive festival experience. You can choose to bring your own tent and set up camp, with the option to park your vehicle right next to your tent. If you prefer more amenities, you can bring an RV and purchase an RV pass to secure your spot.

We encourage camping with friends and fostering a sense of community. When you arrive, take the opportunity to say hi to your new neighbors and make new friends. This camaraderie enhances the Vibestown experience, creating lasting connections and a vibrant festival atmosphere.

Q: What is the ethos behind Vibestown's approach to substances at the event?

A: At Vibestown, we encourage a clear-minded and fully present experience. This ethos is about preserving the unique vibe and communal spirit of our event. It's about ensuring that everyone can enjoy the unique activities and connections in the most authentic and engaged way possible. We appreciate everyone's understanding and respect for this aspect of Vibestown's culture.

Q: How does Vibestown ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for attendees?

A: Vibestown prioritizes attendee well-being by having a dedicated first aid team and security personnel onsite. This ensures that any medical or security concerns can be promptly addressed, allowing everyone to fully immerse themselves in the event's unique atmosphere while knowing their safety is taken seriously.

Q: What should I do if I encounter harassment at Vibestown?

A: Vibestown has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment. If you encounter any form of harassment, please report it immediately to our event staff. We are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all.

Q: Can I bring my pet to Vibestown?

A: To ensure the safety and comfort of all participants, pets are not allowed at Vibestown. We ask you to make suitable arrangements for your pets before attending.


Q: Can I sell or transfer my Vibestown ticket?

A: Yes, tickets are non-refundable but can be resold or transferred. The ticket owner is responsible for managing the resale process.


Q: What should I bring to Vibestown?

A: To fully embrace the Vibestown experience, pack essentials such as weather-appropriate clothing, a reusable water bottle, and personal items. Additionally, bring your artistic tools, creative spirit, costumes, and a joyful vibe to share with the community. Remember to be mindful of our Leave No Trace policy by avoiding glass, hazardous items, and anything that could harm the environment. Your preparation ensures a fun and safe festival for everyone.

Q: What environmental policies are in place at Vibestown?

A: At Vibestown, our commitment to the environment is paramount. We adhere to the Leave No Trace principle, expecting all attendees to actively minimize their environmental impact. This includes:

  • Pack It In, Pack It Out: Each attendee is responsible for their own waste. We encourage you to bring only what is necessary and take all your waste with you when leaving, ensuring no trace is left behind.

  • Proper Waste Disposal and Recycling: While on-site, use the designated waste disposal and recycling facilities responsibly, contributing to our efforts in waste reduction and recycling.

  • Respect for Natural Surroundings: Be mindful of the environment around you, ensuring that our natural venue remains undisturbed and preserved.

These policies collectively help maintain the beauty and integrity of our festival setting, reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Q: How can I contribute to or participate in Vibestown?

A: Contributing to Vibestown goes beyond mere attendance; it's about being an active part of our vibrant community. You can immerse yourself in the festival's spirit by engaging in various activities:

  • Joining or Creating Theme Camps: Be part of these creative hubs where art and interaction flourish.

  • Participating in Workshops: Learn, share, and grow through our diverse range of workshops.

  • Enjoying Music and Dance: Revel in the eclectic musical experiences and express yourself on the dance floor.

  • Volunteering: Lend a hand in maintaining the festival's beauty and order, be it through cleaning, setting up, or other helpful tasks.

  • Spreading the Word: Tell your friends about Vibestown, and encourage them to join the experience.

  • Purchasing Tickets: Your ticket purchase is a direct contribution to the festival's sustainability.

  • Being Proactive: If you notice something that needs attention, feel empowered to act. Your initiative helps maintain the positive, collaborative environment we cherish.

Every act of participation, whether big or small, helps weave the rich tapestry of Vibestown. Your energy, creativity, and proactive spirit are what make this festival a unique and memorable experience for everyone.

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